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Fenix AER-01 Remote Pressure Switch

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Fenix's AER-01 remote pressure switch has four internal sensors with a steel spring-switch module for consistently reliable operation. The switch cable can extend up to 80cm and activates with just slight finger pressure.

Compatible with: TK11, TK15, TK22

The main circle switch on the AER-01 will function like the tail cap power switch, turning the light on and off

The pressure pad will act as a "half-press" of the tail cap switch. In other words it will achieve only momentary on.


  • Pressure pad cover rated for 100,000 cycles, and switch rated for 1A electric current
  • Switch cable made from resilient PU material; 23cm coiled, 80cm expanded
  • Adapter tailcap made from T6-grade aluminum with type-III hard-anodized finish
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
  • Complete assembly weighs 53.2 grams