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Nitecore FSP100 Foldable Solar Panel -special order

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  • 100W Speedy Charge
  • Multiple output ports available
  • Lightweight, only 4.6 pounds
  • High density waterproof fabrics

Included in the Box

  • FSP100
  • Hook-and-loop fastener

Foldable 100w Solar Panel

The Nitecore FSP100 is a 100w solar panel that provides a sustainable power solution off the grid and on the go. It consists of eight foldable 1ft x 1ft square solar panels. When expanded, these solar panels harvest solar rays with an outstanding cell efficiency of over 24%, 10% more than typical solar panels. When collapsed, the FSP100 is the size of a typical laptop and only weighs 4.6 pounds, great for transport and storage. It is efficient, lightweight and portable! For the modern outdoor sportsman, nothing compares to the FSP100.

4 Output Ports

The FSP100 gives you four different ways to utilize that power! A DC port, a USB-C port as well as two standard USB-A ports for your phone, gadgets and other modern electronics. All three USB ports can be occupied at the same time allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously! The 100W DC18 cable can be paired with a Nitecore power station for unlimited power! For the modern outdoorsman nothing compares to the FSP100.

Durable for Outdoor Adventures

The FSP100 is durable and versatile. Its solar panels are encased in a high density abrasion resistant and waterproof fabric, which protects panels during use, transport and storage. While expanded, its exposed cable loops run along the edge of the panel. These loops can be zip-tied, cinched, or bungee corded down on top of trucks, campers, tents, roofs and more! FSP100 is ideal for long extended road trips or camping trips where traditional outlets are no longer available. Let the sun be your new back-up battery!


Dimensions L-22.8"xW-56.3"xH-1.0"
Weight 73.6 oz
Panel Number 8
Cell Efficiency 24%
Total Output Power 100W
USB-A Output 5V-3.1A
USB-C Output  5V-3A / 9V-2a / 12V - 3A / 15V - 3A